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I use my business and expertise to do good.


New ideas, new places ways to do better.

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I've loved the northwest coast of North America, where I was born and live, all my life. It is literally and metaphorically the ground beneath my feet, the salt in my veins.

Exploring it, and loving it, has been a major reason to live, for me. Since before I could ride a bike, I stood on the deck of sailboats, surfing the winds out of inlets and across sounds. So I became a mariner and a geographer. I explored inlets and archipelagos as a backcountry park ranger. My whole perspective has been formed from my interaction with the geography of this wondrous home.

I run an ecotourism-based, boutique expedition cruise company. I work with industry colleagues and governments on ways to make things better for ecosystems, wildlife, ecotourism, and our communities. My degree in coastal resource management informs my perspective, as does my training in environmental studies. I am proud to be a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.


I believe fully in Yvon Chouinard's statement that "to do good, you have to do something."

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