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TED Talk

This is the story of an epic collaboration between business competitors, Indigenous communities and the BC government to save companies and hundreds of jobs, mount a never-before-done remote expedition with 9 ships, a helicopter, and a barge among hundreds of islands to remove 750,000 lbs of marine debris from the Great Bear Rainforest. I hope you find it inspiring.

Watch TED Talk

Here is crew member Jeff Reynolds' video of the effort.

On behalf of everyone on the expedition, this TED Talk is to get the word out that we have t o stop dumping this stuff in our ocean, strangling or starving wildlife, and messing up our ecosystems with plastic. Let me know how we can work together on a solution (concrete action plans only please).


We are keen to keep solving this problem and ridding our coast, and our ocean, of marine debris. If you would like to collaborate on funding future MDRIs, or hosting a speaker from the group, please contact me below.

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